How do I become a Franchise Owner?

With all things being equal any person with the correct qualifications should be able to own a Franchise, however this may not be the case in most instances. Due to social and racial inequalities in the business sector many black entrepreneurs are not getting the same opportunities to venture into franchise businesses or even business loans. Many times when you see black owned franchise it is often due to a minority program provided by the mother company meaning the franchisor. In other words they have to create a separate department to make it appear as though the franchiser's are allowing an equal playing field for all people. Here is an example:

Can you name one of the largest restaurant franchise's in America?

Did you say McDonald's? your correct!

Due to the way the corporate systems work, if you are an Black applicant for a franchise with McDonald's they will somehow get you funneled into there National Black Franchisee department as a way to show proof of having a mixture of owners and not appearing to be bias. Though I'm sure many black McDonald's franchisees maybe happy that they were privileged this opportunity to be owners, it does make you wonder why do they have to be segmented off? Maybe so they can limit and control the amount black franchisers approved!

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How do I become a Franchise owner with Nubian Link Up?

Feel free to click the "Application" page. Because Nubian Link Up is black owned company, we are looking forward to empower and encourage more black entrepreneurs to become Franchisees with our company. Here at Nubian Link Up we are setting our own rules and providing motivated and business minded entrepreneurs a fair and equal opportunity at Americas wealth!

Things that will not disqualify you:

  • Credit Score
  • Lack of income
  • Lack of collateral
  • We do not Redline

There are 5 steps to becoming qualified as a Nubian Link Up Franchise operator.

STEP 1: Fill out and submit The Application of Consideration - there is a non-refundable $15 Application Fee

STEP 2: Additional information will be requested from our processing department.

STEP 3: Selection process will begin - you may or may not get selected based on qualification and location.

STEP 4: Once selected you will be required to attend The Black Commerce Initiative Training Course - you must complete this class, as it is a prerequisite to ownership of one of our Franchises. The duration of the course will be determined by the industry type you will be operating for example It may be a 6 week course. A Initial Program Fee of $500 is due at the beginning of your course.

STEP 5: Upon completion of The Black Business Initiative Course and payments, you will be placed in a location most convenient. You will officially be the Owner/Operator of one of our franchise's. The entire approval process can take up to 90 days.

Our first industry of business will be the Black Beauty Supply Store! Courses will be provided in all states based on demographical demand. Nubian Link Up is offering franchise's in various industries such as:

  • Restaurant
  • Beauty & Cosmetology
  • Retail

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